Discovering and documenting Nevada beer, booze, and food


It’s probably unfair that I talk to people everyday and then talk about them. Leaving everything about me to the imagination — except that’s not true, you probably learn a lot about me by reading this blog.

I am the research director and reporter at the Grand Rapids Business Journal. I mostly write about the amazing craft liquid industries in the city, but also sports business and arts & entertainment as well. I act as the contributing beer editor for Grand Rapids Magazine too. I sometimes write about things for a variety of publications.

Recently, my first book was released, Grand Rapids Beer: An Intoxicating History of River City Brewing. Currently, I have several other large-format projects I’m working on.

I was shy most of my life. Still am, but bartending for a year and the original six months of the GrandConversations project quickly brought me out of that. I look grumpy a lot of the times, that’s just my dad’s genes; I’m usually happy.

I’m scared of dying, but not death. I think space is the most fascinating thing, but is equally terrifying.

I have a 95-pound yellow lab that thinks she’s a cat. I have great parents, a great brother and sisters, who have equally great significant others. I have seven nephews and nieces, including an 19-year-old.

My brother’s band won the 2013 Local Spin of the Year and my brother in law’s restaurant group won Restaurant of the Year four years running.

My girlfriend, Alyssa, is amazing. She treats me like no one else could. But she’s slowly turning me Italian.

I’m conflicted in what I’m doing in life. I’m not sure. I like money, but I don’t know if it drives me. I like happiness, but I’m more concerned about making others happy. I hate that we’re destroying the Earth, but I love being here and using the things that ruin it.

I can’t believe in a single religion, because there are so many, not one can be 100 percent right. But I can’t help but think there is some sort of higher power, even if it’s mother nature.

I do love sports, but I can’t stand people who revolve around them.

In any case, I just like learning what makes the world spin, and the only way to do that is to chat with people.

And why not share what I learn with you!

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