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TJ Duckett

*Originally Published Jan 5, 2013. Moved up for interest. My book with the former NFL player is still in the works, but due out in late 2019/early 2020.

What is the meaning of life when you’ve already lived one?

TJ Duckett feels he already lived one with his days of professional football. He actually considers his football career as an internship for life.

“I’ve lived a life and speak on it,” he said. “It showed me the abundance life can offer you if you dedicate and work. It showed me how to live life at its fullest and make its mistakes and I can see the value of life and what I can be.”

No matter what happens in life, we all die. But from that death, something rises from the ashes.

Duckett’s playing career, and in a way him, died after he was cut by the Seattle Seahawks.

From there, he learned from the mistakes and took the lessons he learned from his previous life and built a new life in the form of helping people and giving back to the communities he loves.

But that philosophy can work on a more basic level according to Duckett.

“If you’re living life to its fullest, every day you’re dying,” he said. “People die daily. You wake up and you have a new life.”

In that sense, he said the meaning of life is to simply give all your energy every day and “empty the bucket with no concerns of when it will be filled,” because if you do it right, life should change everyday.

But the key is to keep reaching for your potential. A lot of people aren’t willing to look stupid, to get hurt, to make a mistake or cry, and by holding those things back, you can’t reach that potential.

Duckett learned to do all those things in his first life in the form of getting hit, cussed out, going the wrong way and being forced to get along with people he didn’t like.

Now he spends every day trying to get people to realize their potential and to go after it.

*Duckett and I met in 2011, and we are currently writing a book together in a life-long working friendship.

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