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Interesting reads of the week

As I prepare my first post on coffee, featuring MadCap Coffee, there’s been plenty to read about this week. Saturdays are good for good reads, so are Sundays. So enjoy. 

Coffee Reads: 

One of my favorite writers, Joel Stein, takes a look at the new coffee wave through a profile on Blue Bottle Coffee in Bloomberg Businessweek. The read shows the care many of the new artisanal coffee shops take to ensure a great cup of coffee. Take a read, here.  

MadCap is featured in this list of 38 Essential Coffee Shops Across America from

Madcap is a big deal. The majority of their coffee focus is on roasting and fostering relationships with coffee growers around the world, which is done by visiting farms personally, no matter how remote. 


How Not To Talk To Your Kids

This is an old read, but I just found it this week. It talks about how parents shouldn’t tell their children “They’re so smart,” but rather reward them for their hard work. And that makes sense. Read the artcile here

The Man Who Brings Ancient Ales to Life

Many people know the neat stories of ancient beers Sam Calagione and Dogfish Head Brewery have been cooking up. But the true magic is happening at University of Pennsylvania where molecular archeologist Patrick McGovern works with ancient pottery to figure out the ingredients of the old brew. Check out the Vice Munchies read here

Seattle, Land of the Serious Sommeliers

A city full of wine lovers in Washington, a neat Wall Street Journal Profile on Seattle’s sommelier culture here

Former sportscaster Jeremy Sampson chases unlikely dream with Lansing United soccer franchise

My buddy Graham Couch at the Lansing State Journal profiles the new minor league soccer team coming to Lansing, Mich. The team will play in the same league a new team in Grand Rapids will next year. Read the article here.

A Fight Is Brewing

The Bjergso twins fascinate me. The two brothers are basically feuding, through beer. Neither has been at it terribly long, but are taking the world’s brewing industry by storm. New York Times dives into the sibling rivalry here

Major League Soccer’s Money Problems

The New Yorker profiles Major League Soccer, which despite having a higher attendance than the NBA and NHL continues to have money issues. Read the story here.

The Ship-Breakers

An awesome story and photo gallery on the dangerous Bangladesh shipbreaking yards from National Geographic, here

Stat-Happy News Ignores Journalism’s Need for Narrative

This story makes me happy. As a story teller, I am annoyed often by the stats that fail to actual tell stories and occasional turn out to be helpful. The Daily Beast chats about the need for narratives here


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