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I’m back, new and improved

To my surprise, after not logging in for more than a month, I’m still getting pretty solid traffic. That pleases me.

But I needed some time off. I got offtrack of what this project was supposed to do for me. So I stepped back, took a vacation, and reshaped what I want this site to be. I think it will be better for it.

I have several updates written already, but I don’t expect it to be an everyday post. Sometimes it will be, but only when I feel the people are making it worth it. But I have other writers who also want to be involved as well as a good friend who has agreed to partner with me and bring a more mulch-dimensional look to the site with video and photos.

Thanks for reading, and I promise you’ll be pleased with what we have in store for the future. (That said, I do need help coming up with interesting stories and interviews, so please email me at evanspa7 (at) gmail . com, if you know anyone would be awesome, maybe even you!


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