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Interesting Reads, June 10-19

I’ve been dropping the ball hugely of late. And I apologize, mostly to myself. This is a personal project and I’m not fulfilling my quota, not even remotely close to it. Although, that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about it, I have been. And actually, I’m kind of re-envisioning what this site is, yet again. Likely, when I get back from vacation in late July, the site will take a whole new spin. Until then, it will remain as it has been, with interesting reads and occasional interviews — I will aim for at least one major interview a week.

This week’s reads:

This Really Exists: Giant Concrete Arrows That Point Your Way Across America (Conde Nast Traveler)

I really liked Ken Jenning’s Maphead book. It’s mostly because I’m a geography nerd and you get to learn things like this: There were giant concrete arrows planted across the U.S. to help guide air mail pilots.

Whiskey a Go Go: Can Scotland’s Distillery Waste Boost Biofuels? (National Geographic)

As if whiskey needs more reason to be almost as good as beer. And I’m not even talking about the drinking part of it. Mostly I mean the cultures of the actual respective industries are amazing.

Zero Dark Whiskey: Inside Glenlivet Scotch’s Tortuous “Tasting Chamber”(Vanity Fair) 

First, it’s quite obvious I was reading a lot about whiskey and such this week. Second, it has to be in part because publications like Vanity Fair and Nat Geo are writing about it.

Michigan State Got It Right With Lou Anna Simon (Forbes)

A little diddy about Lou Anna K. Simon, the president of the school I went to.

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