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Interesting Reads, June 1-9

Here are some of my favorite reads from the last week.

Some Perspective (The Chive)

I’ve always loved the picture, but this photo gallery actually tells the story of how big the universe is.

The Battle of Newark, Starring Cory Booker (Esquire)

I’ve like Cory Booker since I since the documentary Street Fight in a political science class a few years ago. Now he’s running for Senate, and that’s pretty cool.

Imported $60 Stout Opens Doors for Japan Craft Beer Revival (Bloomberg)

Apparently it’s just the U.S. which is loving on craft beer right now.

A Whole New Ball Game in Beer (Fortune)

This was part of an archive blog series, this one highlighting the “craft beer boom” in 1994. That the bubble burst a few years later, similar to the late-90s burst in Grand Rapids that Founders Brewing Co. survived. Currently, I’m also reading Audacity of Hops,   which is a history of the craft beer movement since 1960s. This movement is different, and it will flatten out, but not burst like it did.

After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet (Washington Post)

This is amazing. Very emotional though.

808 Cities, 2,503 Shows, and 1,007,416 Miles: The Staggering Geography of Bob Dylan’s ‘Never Ending Tour’ (Atlantic Cities) 

I love maps, and it always astounds me that Bob Dylan just keeps going.

Every Library and Museum in America, Mapped (Atlantic Cities) 

Another really cool, and eye-opening, map. Like I said, I love maps.

Journalism Schools Become Incubators for Media Startups, Entrepreneurs (PBS)

I’ve got a pretty great idea, and I didn’t go to J-School.

There’s a tick boom in Michigan – Here are 5 things you should know (Michigan Public Radio)

Ticks, not a fan.

Laid off from the Sun-Times (A blog)

It’s pretty absurd that the Chicago Sun-Times laid off all its photographers. But this guy is doing a cool blog.

The Mammy Washington Almost Had (The Atlantic)

Pretty nifty article on a monument that almost was.


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