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Interesting Reads, May 31

Some interesting history photos

These aren’t reads, but some really awesome pictures from history.

Alpha Dads: Men Get Serious About Work Life Balance (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Why the Boomers Are the Most Hated Generation (The Atlantic)

I don’t hate the boomers, but apparently a lot of people do?

‘Pilot’s Salt’: The Third Reich Kept Its Pilots Awake with Crystal Meth (The Atlantic)

It wasn’t just the Germans either! The Allies did too. And East Germany kept it up until 1988.

A Very Brief History of Why It’s So Hard To Get From Brooklyn to Queens (The Atlantic Cities)

I just finished up reading Beer School by the guys who opened up Brooklyn Brewery, so it was a neat read to kind of tie into that. But having never been to New York, I was surprised to see that two of the boroughs were hard to get between despite being next to each other!

Animals that you never knew existed

Some of these are amazing! Some I’ve heard of before, but they’re all so neat.

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