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Interesting Reads, May 20-21

Why Oklahomans Don’t Like Basements (NPR)

This is obviously fitting after the massive tornado that hit Oklahoma this week. Perhaps basements will catch on now, it sounds like at least some companies can do it.

Montell Jordan on the endless life of ‘This Is How We Do It’ (Esquire)

If Montell Jordan isn’t an inspiration to us all, then I don’t know who is. My favorite line is by far, “He went on to do “Bennie and the Jets,” so that was cool.”

Hunger in America, “A Place at the Table.” (Esquire)

This article talks about a documentary that details the paradoxical issue of hunger in kids in America. Although we have a huge obesity rate in children in America, we also have a huge gap in childhood hunger. In Grand Rapids Public Schools, ever student gets a free lunch because the poverty rate is above 90 percent.

African Cities Test The Limits Of Living With Livestock (The Salt)

As it notes, chickens in back yards is becoming trendy in America. My mom sometimes talks about getting a coop. Sometimes people joke about goats as lawnmowers. Some places, these things are a necessity.


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