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Interesting Reads, May 19

How to Make Pancakes from Scratch (Esquire)

Because what’s more manly than making things from scratch!

Lazy Beer Writers are Ruining Craft Beer For the Rest of Us — Hops are just Fine (Bear-Flavored)

This blog post takes on the Slate article about how hop enthusiasts are ruining craft beer for the masses. And I couldn’t agree more with the post. IPAs are just a portion of the craft beer market, and while there are plenty of hop heads out there, stouts, porters and Belgians are plenty. In Grand Rapids alone, Brewery Vivant specializes in Belgians, Founders Brewing Co. makes international recognized stouts, and each brewery maintains a nice variety of beers, usually with no more than three pale-style ales on at a time.

Not to mention, I completely agree on the beer writing point in the headline, and am working at changing that.

Ancient Lost World Found in Honduran Jungle (International Business Times)

It should be known by now I enjoy awesome lost historical things. This is another example; a monkey city.

Hops compounds have potential to treat diabetes, cancer (Natural News)

Hops and beer keep making news with health benefits. Great news for the beer world.

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