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Interesting Reads, May 8

How You Cross the Street Largely Depends on Where You’re From

I find this so interesting. And Tokyo walkers are fast!

Why Your ‘Green Lifestyle’ Choices Don’t Really Matter

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. It does all start at the government and business levels to help turn cities, like Grand Rapids, into sustainable communities. But, I do think that personal choices are how you get to that point. So in a way, I agree, while respectfully disagreeing.

Smaller Airports Take Bigger Hit As Airlines Cut Flights

This is interesting since the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is set for a big expansion project. So smaller airports can still grow despite this.

Life Advice: Life Coach Jim Fannin

Life coach stuff fascinates me. I don’t understand how someone gets to the point in their life where they can be experts and help others. It just seems like no one will ever be perfect at life. Just a sham, like blogs about blogging.


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