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Interesting Reads, May 6

The new whiskey rebellion (GQ)

Although I’m a craft beer guy, I’m slowly getting into whiskey as well. So to know there are more distilleries popping up is awesome. But my interests are odd, since I rarely drink. I save it for special times with owners or reps, or great friends who have special drinks to share. Gone are my days of heavy drinking off ordinary beverages, except rare occasions, such as weddings and weekends up north.

America is one bad winter away from a food disaster, thanks to dying bees

One of the reasons the movie The Happening had me so excited was it hinted at the declining bee population. Then it didn’t do anything with that and was terrible. But that’s OK.

Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names (The Atlantic)

I actually had a conversation with a friend about this the other week. But basically, if you hear any name enough, it can have the same sort of feel to it. Still, Ira seems a little too common on NPR.

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