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Interesting Reads, May 2

It’s a 401(k) World (NY Times)

Thomas Friedman is a pretty smart dude. I like this article as it mostly agrees with the way I see my life going and how I’m living it. “If you are self-motivated, wow, this world is tailored for you. The boundaries are all gone. But if you’re not self-motivated, this world will be a challenge because the walls, ceilings and floors that protected people are also disappearing.”

‘I Trusted ‘Em’: When NCAA Schools Abandon Their Student Athletes (The Atlantic)

An interesting read on how schools aren’t required to provide their injured student athletes with health care coverage. In many cases, it has been destructive to families.

16-Year-Old Girl Arrested and Charged With a Felony for Science Project Mistake

Well, that’s a little far on keeping schools safe.

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