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Law technology upgrade

For an upcoming Business Journal story, I went to a law firm that recently moved.

When the story comes out, I’ll come back and include the names, but for now, we’ll just call it the law firm.

The lawyer I interviewed with was great. He was very excited about this change over that left the library at the old building.

A law firm with a leather-bound bookcase. Where will the law firms pictures be taken?

He said that they’ve actually tried to stray away from those pictures as they too have noticed nearly every lawyer picture out there is in front of a large bookcase.

But the cool thing about the firm is in the move, it included a vast overhaul of the technology. They transformed their office into an electronic database that can be accessed nearly anywhere.

So instead of having large, clunky case files, they have easily accessible computer files that can even include sound bites, videos, etc., neatly organized and ready for digital presentation.

The clients that come in even receive a tablet to begin their process of documentation. They have a video presentation room for court hearings and such if they need it, but it also doubles as a place to keep the kids occupied with movies while the parents talk with the important people.

Next Monday also is one of the law quarterlies for the BJ, so of course I had to do the top area law firms list.

It’s astounding how many law firms in Grand Rapids date back more than 100 years. Several are from 1860 and before. Funny, though, that the names of the law firms don’t change from the original partners. It gets a little confusing.

Another awesome thing I discovered through the list was that Barnes & Thronburg started a Motorsports counsel. Seemed like an oddly specific section.

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