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Sarah Aldrich, Founders Brewing Co. communications manager

On Tuesday I met with Sarah Aldrich, it was a brief, mostly business meeting.

But I took some neat information away from the meeting.

Aldrich practically graduated into the job, and has been with the company for three years.

All three of the years, she said, her job has evolved as the company has grown immensely.

When she was hired, her and co-founder Dave Engbers were the only ones in the marketing department at the brewery. Now, Founders is a tad large to be just two people strong, especially with Engbers needing to focus his energy elsewhere within the company.

So Aldrich did a lot to start. She still does, but as the company has grown, so too has the staff. They’ve hired a marketing coordinator and an event coordinator. There’s even a posting on the website for a marketing director.

Although Aldrich has a pretty awesome gig as it is, she was able to sort of form her own position as the company grew: focusing her efforts where her passions and talents took her.

Her job now entails media relations, social media and internal communications.

Social media can get a tad frustrating she said, especially when it comes to the 24-hour cycle.

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