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Making a wish come true, part 1 of Make-A-Wish

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of dropping off one of the comical, over-sized checks to Make-A-Wish Michigan.

That of course part of my job at the Mitten Brewing Co., where we pair with a different nonprofit every month and donate a percentage of the brewery’s profit. Ellie Andrus, one of Mitten’s owner’s cousins, was chatted with us at the presentation a bit about the organization.

Mitten owners Chris and Max, and me with the Make-A-Wish crew.

Mitten owners Max and Chris, and me with the Make-A-Wish crew.

Ellie will be the subject of Grand Conversations on April 29, or World Wish Day. She’ll tell me her story of being a Wish Kid and more about the organization when she takes me on a wish.

The Mitten donated $1,836. The average cost of a wish is $5,000. Some kids just want to travel, others want a horse. Some want to be superheroes or meet their heroes.

Make-A-Wish will go to great lengths to make a wish happen. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t work out, like the kid who wanted to go to the moon.

Celebrities are an interesting case. Ellie said there are some people who she’s never heard of that kids want to meet. She said it’s a toss up if a celebrity will be awesome or terrible.

Like one pop country star, who wouldn’t talk because she was on “voice rest.” Others, like Robin Williams are awesome.

Ellie said there’s a list of “do not contact” celebrities. Some are because they’re bad, others because they got to close to a wish kid who passed.

There are cool ways to donate as well, like donating frequent flier miles.

I’ll learn more when I sit down with Ellie on April 29. And then I’ll share.

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