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Reason 3,405 Dave Grohl is awesome, killing his SXSW keynote speech

It’s not a secret that Dave Grohl is awesome. Reddit has picked up on his awesomeness, as has The Chive.

He graced Reddit with an Ask Me Anything, and just made people like him more.

I like to think I was on the forefront of this discovery, back several summers ago when I had my wisdom teeth out. Bedridden with swollen cheeks, I spent a day watching every video of Dave Grohl there is. And there are a lot of them; most of them show just how cool, down to Earth and hilarious Dave Grohl is.

As noted by many, “he’s the nicest guy in Rock’n’Roll.”

So when I saw his keynote speech at SXSW would be streaming on NPR’s website, I took a few moments (almost an hour) to watch at work.

It was a great speech – and he noted his dad was a lecturer – and he was his hilarious self.

He spoke about how Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein was why he wanted to become a musician, then broke into a solo, air jam of the song.

He made references to talking goats and One Direction.

He demonstrated his teenage home recording rig, which was to record something, play it in a different machine and record the new parts while it played.

He connected his dots from youth analog recording to his new sound board (and the adventure he took, documented in the movie he directed: Sound City.” I bought it and its also awesome)

He said Foo Fighters is “the stupidest F-ing name in the world.”

He talked about Nirvana’s rise to fame and the courting of 10 record labels. “Closets of box sets” and “Benihana every night.”

Then he talked about how ridiculous the music industry is now and the world of reviews and such. “Gangnam Style is one of my favorite f-ing songs of the past decade.”

“Imagine Bob Dylan singing in front of Christina Aguilera on the Voice,” he said. “‘You’re a little nasaly and sharp,'” in a hispanic accent.

“It’s your voice! Cherise it til it goes.”

It was awesome! Don’t take my word for it, watch it (Note: Grohl’s speech begins 11 minutes after the start of the video.):

Dave Grohl’s Keynote address at SXSW

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