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Larry Wildt, DDS

For whatever reason, there’s a large stigma against dentists; a lot of people are, as Kramer from Seinfeld would say: anti-dentite.

Dr. Larry Wildt from Kent Family Dental, said that his childhood experiences at the dentist influenced his decision to become a dentist.

“I played around with the idea of teaching,” Wildt said, noting his brother became a teacher. “I was really interested in biological sciences; life and death didn’t look too appealing.

“I thought about my experiences with dentists when I was a kid, that was pretty brutal. I said, ‘I can do a better job.'”

And that’s his focus; making each patient’s visit to the office as easy as possible.

But it’s really a never ending circle when it comes to the fear of dentists.

Wildt said a lot of people wait until they have a toothache to go to the dentist, and by then, it’s too late.

Wildt said there are three reasons people stay away from the dentist (and though they are fairly obvious, people still do it.)

  1. Lack of dental knowledge
  2. Fear of dentist
  3. Finances

But stay away too long, until there’s a problem, your finances will take a bigger hit than to regularly visit the dentist. 

And dental care is important not only for the function they provide the body — try eating without them — but for their appearances. A smile is important within seconds of meeting someone.

Dr. Wildt said there are some surprising challenges to the art of dentistry.

One is that many dentist must manage their own practices, and that is why many dentists only offer office hours four days a week. Kent Family Dental has an office manager, and so they can offer appointments six days a week.

The other is staying on schedule.

“If we ran our model like a physicians office, we’d go out of business,” he said.

The most  important aspects of work, to Dr. Wildt, are to provide a good work environment that allows the employees of the office a good living; the feeling he gets after a patient with extensive treatment needs finishes up; and the family feeling he receives from long-term patients.

“That’s pretty special.”

2 Responses to “Larry Wildt, DDS”

  1. Carla

    Love Dr. Wildt and the practice, I have been a patient for 24 years, and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  2. Margie Gage

    I’m a big fan of Dr. Wildt and the whole staff at Kent Family Dental. All the dentists are top-notch, as are their assistants. And the office staff always makes me feel welcome. I’ve been going there for years, and they have faithfully shepherded me through a TON of problems, always with great expertise and grace.


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