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Things I learned, Week 1

Last week was just about what I wanted from this project.

Interesting conversations with interesting people. Only one of the four people was someone I had never met, and I still learned a great deal of information from the three of them.

The first week also showed me I have to do everyone I know and am related to; its just ridiculous the amount of information you don’t know and can learn from your loved ones and co-workers.

It also reaffirmed my belief that some days I’m just not going to be able to interview someone well enough for this project. The weekend was hard. But I promise, at the end of the year, I’ll still have 365 interviews and many extra posts from various encounters and things I learn.

I also realize that I’ll have to change my methods for the project, the line of questioning and the recording of the project will have to change. It might be every month or every two months. Just like most things, the changes will come as they are needed.

But, on to the things I learned this week.

On Tuesday, Ben Darcie shared that he believes the meaning of life is to follow your passion. If you do that, a fun life and money will follow. That everyone is egotistical in a way, even those who are driven to be make others happy.

He also taught me two great ideals, his “anti-box agnosticism” and that in politics, you can’t be 100 percent one way. If you are, you’re a liar.

On Wednesday, I learned that being a bartender will save me in this project. I met Jared Yak, a historian at the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s collection center. We talked about how important learning is, and that the best learning is done through immersion.

On Thursday, I learned from Jae-Won that you should always be content with who you are and where you are in life, but to always push to be better.

On Friday, I learned from TJ Duckett that you should always reach for a better potential; to live everyday with the most energy you can and never go to bed with energy left.

So that was the first week. It was fun. It also made me anxious (and excited!) about the rest of the year.

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